Urumqi Shopping Markets

You have many choices when you want to go shopping. The crossings of Jiefang Road and Zhongshan Road, Minzhu Road are the largest shopping centers of Urumqi. A famous Grand Bazaar of Urumqi is in Erdaoqiao. In Erdaoqiao, you can not only buy some local products, but also eat some local snacks.

Erdaoqiao Bazaar
As the largest bazaar of ethnic minority goods in Urumqi, Erdaoqiao bazaar is located long Jiefang Road. Erdaoqiao bazaar is one of the best starting points for visitors sightseeing in Xinjiang. You can find a bustling market filled with clothing, fruits, crafts, carpets and more things here.
When you are tired of shopping, the bazaar also provides places to eat ro replenish your energy. you had better tgo there on Sunday, because there are more goods to buy on Sunday.
Erdaoqiao bazaar is crowd almost every day. It is very important for you to be careful with your belongings.

Erdaoqiao Bazaar Erdaoqiao Bazaar

International Grand Bazaar
International Grand Bazaar, which was founded in 2003, is the largest bazaar in the world.
The International Grand Bazaar integrates Islamic culture, architecture, national trade, entertainment and dining. International Grand Bazaar is a great place not only for regional specialty items, but also has many goods from nearby countries such as Russia and Mongolia. The International Grand Bazaar is a popular tourist destination although somewhat of a tourist trap these days. However, the surrounding area is the heart of the Uygur community and makes visiting worth visiting.

International Grand Bazaar International Grand Bazaar

Zhongshan Street

Zhongshan Street was the center of Xinjiang in history. It was a flourishing area as early as 1773. In 2005, the commercial streets of Zhongshan Street was graded as “one of the most famous commercial streets in China”.
Nowadays, you can almost buy everything in the markets of Zhongshan Street. There are 8 famous top 500 global corporations in Zhongshan Street. There are also 125 markets in Zhongshan Street. Zhongshan Street has already become “Wangfujing of Urumqi”.

Zhongshan Street Zhongshan Street

Street of Nationalities Features
Xinjiang Street of Nationalities Features is located at the middle of Longquan Street. The Street of Nationalities Features, which is a street with the most of nationalities features, integrates culture, dining and local products of 15 places of Xinjiang.

Street of Nationalities Features Street of Nationalities Features